C2E Platform

Cognitive Customer Enablement (C2E)

Globally organizations are facing major challenges around Risk management, Customer retention, and acceleration of business through operational efficiency. Complete Customer 360° views help business users to make the best decision or push the best offer at the right moment, by providing all available information and insights.

Cognitive Customer Enablement (C2E) is an Artificial Intelligence based platform, helps organizations to predict customer behavior across different use cases like retention, next best actions, financial impacts, fraud detection and many more across product lines. C2E uses internal and external data sets to generate predictions and insights.

C2E is an AI based cognitive prediction platform to derive behaviour patterns for Customers that can be leveraged in customers strategy, risk management, new business strategy, and operations efficiency.

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Customer behavior insights cloud-based platform

87 %

Accuracy of Customer behavior predictions


Customer records processed


Records processed per minute

  • One platform provides multiple solutions
  • Parse and process data with a minimal amount of human supervision.
  • Detects behavior accurately
  • Focused customer communications & Proactive retention
  • Increase customer experience & build trust
  • Advanced Machine Learning capabilities
  • Measures and tracks what is relevant to your business
  • Recognizes abnormal patterns claims, provide actionable insights on risks, frauds etc..
  • Scalable to integrate with other enterprise systems.
  • Hosted on Secured  cloud , provides data security and privacy.